Catch and Release Fishing

The Fish Farm is called Twelve Mile Creek Aqua Farm and is approx. 27 ha in size.  With 20 grow out ponds, a total surface area of approx 3 ha., we are a licensed hatchery and breed our fish on site.

The farm is primarily stocked with silver perch fingerlings which are grown out to plate size in 12 -18 months. They are then sold, live, to restaurants & fish shops in Sydney and, chilled, directly to the Sydney fish market.  We also produce yabbies and some Australian Bass and Golden Perch.

In our aim  to  educate  the community, conducted tours of the farm  are available  to the public, schools and other groups.  A barbecue at the clubhouse tops off the tour if you wish to make  the most of your day out. The fish and release pond is a great spot to relax and try your luck, with tackle and bait supplied.

We sell silver perch fingerlings, which are ideal for farm dams. and send fish and yabbies by courier to most areas. Please call or email us to place an order.


1–2 Hours: $10 (includes tackle and bait)
1/2 Day: $20 (includes tackle and bait)

Catch and Release fishing